Glass & Facade Services

Acquiring innovative and high quality facades is not an easy task. Between facilitating design, coordination, development etc., it can be a frustrating challenge. Rampart knows this and is here to help in all phases of the project from initiation to completion. We will work with you from the onset to create and develop high quality performance products that meet modern day demands. Starting from the beginning, we will work with you collaboratively during the design process so to assess the proper solutions for the facade that empower the designer. From design to manufacturing and construction, we are fully integrated and approach each project from the mindset and experience of architects, engineers and builders. Rampart Facade Systems will provide you with an unwavering commitment from a projects beginning to completion.

The Process


A big part of pre-construction is the identification of project complexity and risk. We develop a proposal around the aspect that are most challenging and pose the greatest risk. This proposal is the clearly defined system intent, associated cost, a schedule that considers supply chain, production and field execution. From here, we innovate to push the project towards success and leave a lasting impression.

Design & Engineering

At our core, we are first and foremost a design company, and engineering permeates through our entire organization as a key aspect. Our ability to execute is in our ability to identify the efficient path forward in design, researching and prototyping to complete validation. We utilize the most applicable technologies available on the market to take a design to full realization, from the complex assemblies to every last screw.


We firmly believe that the only way to be successful is to produce a highly custom and unique product at the rate and efficiency of a volume manufacturer. To achieve this, we minimize wasted energy and pursue technology that puts processes in the background so that our staff can focus on crafting a precise and beautiful product. Our manufacturing spaces are capable to adapt to meet the variety of architectural challenges in modern buildings.


Rampart systems are designed and manufactured to produce the highest possible efficiencies in installation and site safety. Our talented staff leverage the best in local resources to be a constant on-site presence from inception to completion. The site team is supported by our project management, engineering, quality, and production and logistics teams to ensure that their high priority needs are met as quickly and effectively.

Project Management

Our project managers embody the professionalism, accountability and responsiveness that client’s demand of a full service facade contractor.  At every aspect of the project life cycle, we deploy a dedicated project management team that are identifying the problems, communicating information and administering the right resolutions to minimize impacts.

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